Group of doctors and nurses set in a hospital

Recruiting a new physician that is match for your practice is quite a process. Before you start the recruitment process, have you considered:

  • Do you have the capacity to add another physician? Is your office set up to facilitate a new physician? If not, what do you need to do to get it ready? (space, exam rooms, office equipment, staffing, etc.)
  • Have you investigated the multiple opportunities for financial support available in your region to hire a physician (hospital programs, health plan programs, city programs, loan repayment programs)
  • Will you be using a recruiting agency? Is there a signed contract in place with the recruitment firm?
  • Can you clarify why a physician would want to join your practice?
  • Are you clear on the salary and benefits you can offer? Is it competitive? Are you offering any incentives? (signing bonus, income guarantees, residency stipend, loan forgiveness, retention bonus, flexible schedule, 4 day work week, benefits, etc.)
  • Does your open position qualify for the Steven M. Thompson Physician Corps Loan Repayment Program or Faculty Loan Repayment Program?
  • Do you have the employment contract ready to go? Are you clear on the different ways a physician can partner with your group and the different ways they can be paid?
  • Do you have a job description? Does it clarify what is within the scope of their job and what is not within their scope?
  • Do you have community highlights you can provide to the prospective physicians?

Once a candidate is identified, consider these best practices:

  • Before you spend the money to fly them out for a face-to-face interview, use one of the many free video conference services to evaluate the candidate. (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) You’ll want to be looking to see if they “fit” with your practice along with observing behavior.
  • Have you included their spouse in the conversation and interview? What are their feelings of the spouse about making a move and joining your practice? Will they be moving away from family?
  • Request references and then check the references.
  • Roll out the Red Carpet for their face-to-face interview. Schedule sufficient time with the candidate to be interviewed and make sure you are transparent about your practice. Schedule time to tour the community, schools, etc. Connect them with a reputable real estate agent.
  • Be prepared to make an offer along with the employment contract at the end of the visit or within 48 hours and give the candidate a reasonable time frame to respond to the offer.

Once the contract is signed, the on-boarding process is equally as important.

  • Have you identified the key people in your staff that will be responsible for credentialing, enrollment, office equipment, lab coats, etc.