Benefits to Utilizing Medical Scribes

Purpose of Medical Scribes

Increase access to quality healthcare by increasing efficiency of physician allowing him or her to see more patients

  • Scribes allow a physician to increase eye contact with patient (less time spent writing patient information), resulting in a better patient experience
  • Since over one physician per day commits suicide, scribes can make physicians’ lives more balanced

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Medical Scribe and Medical Documentation Handbook: Edition 1 by [Hizon M.D., Jerry, Spear, Matthew, Ocampo, Carina, Leon, Sara, Morrison, Logan]

The “Medical Scribe and Medical Documentation Handbook: Edition 1” describes the role and necessary qualities to be a successful medical scribe, how to properly complete medical documentation, and the process to becoming a certified medical scribe. The book discusses the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) note in detail, expanding on what each section of the note must consist of. The book also includes a list of common medical terminology which serves as a great resource for anyone looking to become a medical scribe or looking to improve their medical documentation skills.

Be sure to check out  which has a free medical scribe video course.