Our Mission

Provide a safe, easy-to-use web platform for medical practices in Inland Southern California to connect with physicians wanting to build a healthy and happy life in Inland Southern California.

Our NeedOur Story

SoCalDocJobs is a project of the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) which represents 1,900 Inland Southern California physicians, medical students and resident physicians.  With the shortage of physicians impacting almost every practice in the region, RCMA’s physician leaders recognized their responsibility and need to allocate resources to meet this challenge.

In 2015 a workgroup of RCMA physician stakeholders and community partners was established to develop a strategic plan.  The result was a multipronged approach which included educating community physicians, partnering with local residency programs, launching the SoCalDocJobs website and in partnership with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), hiring a Physician Recruitment Development Director.

But enough about us – let’s get to work in helping you find a new, fruitful life in Inland Southern California. You can explore information about living and working in the Inland Empire, or begin searching our database for job opportunities now.


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